Tasting Notes

by Paul Einbund

The cheese that I find to be the most wine friendly is the Rondo with the Nocturne coming in a close second. If I had to choose one wine to pair across the broad spectrum of Soyoung’s cheeses it would be a sweet wine, think Sauternes or Madeira which I have found works very very well. Generally speaking I find white wines to be more pleasing than reds and of the reds I most often enjoyed a fruitier red to the earthier ones. Now down to the specifics….

Legato is a creamy soft and easy cheese and my favorite wine would be a red Burgundy or earthier leaning Pinot Noir.

Mélange adds considerable richness to the creamy component and works very well with a white Burgundy or crisp style Chardonnay as well as a fruity red.

Minuet is a cheese that is changed dramatically by the wine consumed with it. A great Chenin Blanc from Vouvray pushes the rich flavors and stretches out the finish for a very long time while a richer Gruner Veltliner brightened the flavors adding a melon and 7-up note, a fruity red pushes the fruit forward in both cheese and wine.

Picolo found it’s match with a Gruner Veltliner or similarly minerally wine with good melon flavors like an Italian Vermentino from Sardenia.

Acapella showes tremendous sweetness when paired with a white Burgundy turning almost to a Dulce de Leche.

Nocturne as I mentioned before does very well with most styles of wine with the only real exception being the earthier reds which can taste a bit muddy.

Impromptu and white Burgundy are a perfect marriage. This is the type of pairing that doesn’t make either of the partners stand out but the new flavor that emerges is better then the sum of it’s parts, I find similar results with fruitier reds.

Rondo as mentioned above pairs very well with almost any type of wine. Actually, I have yet to find a wine that I really dislike with this cheese so if you are attending an evening and not sure what will be served, this is the cheese for you.

Crottin on a hot afternoon and a glass of cold crisp white Burgundy will never let you down, the two pair very well together pushing a white chocolate flavor forward into the finish.